The primary objective of the Junior Tigers is to provide children with a fun, safe and enjoyable experience while improving their hockey skills. That’s why we are committed to being transparent with the valuable funds you give us. The Junior Tigers finances its operations primarily through registration, sponsorship, donations and events. Each and every contribution is a meaningful gift, and we ensure your money effectively impacts children’s lives in a positive manner. It’s exciting to see the momentum grow with our fun, active programs focused on effective skill development with small player to coach ratios. In short, we believe in doing what is best for the kids while delivering an exceptional hockey experience.

We thank you for your continued support!

Gregory Smyth

Junior Tigers Limited

FROM 1 JULY 2016 – 30 JUNE 2017

Management’s Comments

Revenue 3,682,824 100% Revenue includes all year long programs, camps, clinics, and other revenue generating activities
Cost of Goods Sold
Rink Rental 2,094,450 56% Rink rental includes all ice cost from Elements and Mega Ice
Coaching and Instruction 1,033,407 28% Covers local and overseas coaching staff (10), coaching curriculum for all programs, intern accommodation and welfare.
Sweaters & Apparel 90,632 2% League sweaters and Junior Tigers apparel.
Total Cost of Goods Sold 3,218,489 87%
Gross Profit 464,334
Operating Expenses
Employee Salaries and Wages 387,683 10% Covers 1 full time staff working for the organization
Media & Communications 107,775 2% Covers photography, media, advertising, copywriting, printing, CRM, consulting, and contract staff working on events
Events and Tournaments 76,316 2% Covers event and tournaments entrancee fees.
Administration, Accounting, Rent, Supplies & Bank Fees 72,909 2% Covers all administrative costs to run the organization.
Technology and Infrastructure 57,738 1% Covers a number of 3rd party security and productivity solutions such as Dropbox.
Professional Fees 27,198 0.7% Covers company set-up, corporate secretary and immigration fees.
Net Profit/ (Loss) 729,618 19%
Cost of Goods Sold (265,283)*

* the 2016-17 loss has been fully covered by Gregory Smyth, Gary Lawrence and Rick Siemens.

** the antipated loss of 300k for the 2017-18 season has also been pre-funded by the same individuals. The funding is recorded as a non-interest bearing long-term liability with the understanding that it may not be repaid.

Director Disclosure 1Inetasia provides the following services (Creative Design, Web Development, Office Space, EDM's, Optimization, Project Management) at no cost to the Junior Tigers. The cost of the service amounts to several hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars over a 12 month period.

Inetasia invoices for accounting and technology related service in the aggregate amount of HKD 77k. Services that are invoiced are a result of staff or contractors hired specifically to support the Junior Tigers or technology that is either outsourced, licensed or expensive to operate and maintain requiring a high degree of oversight.

Director Disclosure 2Our NHL advisor (Brad Smyth) is the younger brother of Gregory Smyth and is compensated by the Junior Tigers in the aggregate amount of USD 15k (HKD 117k) for Junior Tigers hockey program coordination and oversight, NHL curriculum for all training programs and instruction at the Pre-season and Easter Camps.