Learn to Play

Learn to Play

Let your little ones discover the joy of hockey! Led by energetic and friendly coaches, this course offers a wide range of drills to aid motor development and co-ordination. This is a great foundation for future sporting success and a whole load of fun!

Children will learn to participate in a group setting and respond to instructions while developing confidence and self-esteem.

Our Learn to Play Program curriculum is designed to build on your child’s skating ability, while adding the stick and puck skills that are required for success at the next level. Weekly curriculum will focus on puck control, stickhandling, and proper passing and shooting techniques. Our goal through the Learn to Play Program is to prepare your child for competitive team hockey by providing them with the individual skills necessary to make them an invaluable teammate.

Training in the Learn to Play program will include both technical and tactical instruction and players are encouraged to participate in other organized clubs and leagues offering training.

Qualified and experienced coaches provide coaching for all teams, groups or individuals of all abilities. More information can be found on the Section website www.hktigers.com /instructors .