Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate

Let your little ones discover the joy of skating! Led by energetic and friendly coaches, this course offers a wide range of drills to aid motor development and co-ordination. This is a great foundation for future sporting success and a whole load of fun!

Children will learn to participate in a group setting and respond to instructions while developing confidence and self-esteem.

Our Learn to Skate Program curriculum is specifically designed to teach the core concepts of the skating stride, helping your child become comfortable and confident on the ice. Each week Jr Tigers coaches will teach important skills such as balance, gliding, the use of inside and outside edges, stopping and starting, and the proper skating stance and stride. With our primary focus on technique, our coaches will work with your child both individually and in small groups to ensure maximum results throughout the Learn to Skate Program.

Qualified and experienced coaches provide coaching for all teams, groups or individuals of all abilities. More information can be found on the Section website www.hktigers.com /instructors Our “Learn to Skate” class is designed for beginners and provides children with the confidence and ability to enjoy the ice!

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